Feed Manufacturers

The Millspec range

Developed as a result of extensive customer research, the high sugar Millspec range offers a choice of protein and energy levels and handling characteristics to suit individual customer needs. We also have the flexibility to offer bespoke products to suit specific feed production needs.

Coating Products

ED&F Man Liquid Products has developed a range of different coating products after engaging with customers across a variety of market sectors. The products that we have developed are aimed at improving the appearance of premium coarse feeds and blends as well as controlling dust in a more cost effective way than traditional fat coating.

Our range starts with the market leading Molglo for premium horse feed and coarse mixture manufacturers.

The Blendflo range is suitable for bulk blends and coarse mixes, the products are tailored to meet the blender’s specific coating and dedusting requirements without the handling problems associated with a simple molasses blend.

Products in our Scope range are focused on bulk and bagged compound feed as well as pet foods and have proven highly cost-effective when compared to fat coating.

Whatever the motive, ED&F Man Liquid Products will take into account our customers’ specific requirements and create a solution to meet both financial and operational needs.

Benefits of using molasses-based feed ingredients

Molasses-based feeds are amongst the best known and popular of feed ingredients, renowned for their wholesome traceable origins, high nutrient density and ability to bind in dust. Based on cane molasses (high in 6-Carbon sugars) and a range of liquid co-products, our Millspec products offer a choice of energy and protein levels and handling characteristics.