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  • Sugar is now recognised as a key nutrient in its own right
  • 6-Carbon sugars are the most effective
  • Molasses is the most cost effective source of 6-Carbon sugar

To maximise performance, rumen function needs to be optimised. Supplying 6-Carbon sugars helps stimulate rumen function and maximise forage utilisation.

Farm Products

  • It is essential to supply effective levels of rumen degradable protein

During pregnancy, rumen capacity is reduced. Feeding a high sugar liquid feed supplement such as Prime 20 or Stockmol 20 is an ideal solution.

Regulated Release

Proven technology supplies the ideal balance of high sugar fermentable energy, combined with rumen degradable protein, to maximise rumen function and livestock performance.

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Sheepmol Plus

Prime 20

Specialist Options

A number of extra nutrients can be incorporated into Molasses based liquid feeds to:

i)   Improve animal performance

ii)   Improve ration quality

DB: Dust Buster designed for home mixing. Helps produce a palatable appealing ration while reducing dust and increasing intake.