Bon Sucro

We are proud to say that more than 98% of the raw materials we use in our liquid feeds are co-products. In addition to this, ED&F Man is a founding member of Bonsucro, the body formed to develop, support, and certify sustainable sugar and molasses production. Under this certification, ED&F Man are helping lead the way towards sustainable animal feed production. Using a molasses based liquid feed on farm can help promote sustainable animal production, with itself having a low carbon and water footprint, and by promoting sustainable practices on farm.

Liquid Feeds on Farm

Did you know that using a molasses based liquid feed can improve on farm sustainability?

Cane molasses and molasses based liquid feeds can improve on farm sustainability through various effects, such as:

  • Reducing feed wastage
  • Reducing sorting
  • Driving intakes
  • Improving protein efficiency
  • Increasing fibre digestibility

Molasses based liquid feeds offer a sustainable feed option on farm as it is a by-product of another industry and has a low carbon and water footprint. The utilisation of by-products that are not used for human consumption contributes to the idea of a “circular economy”, in that value is created from potential waste by-products and circulated back as a nutritional source for humans i.e., meat and milk. As more farmers are urged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is important to understand the impact of individual feed ingredients on farm and not just the manufacturing impact. ED&F Man can supply certified sustainable molasses to customers, contact us if would like to find out more information.