Based on natural raw materials of plant origin, we produce a range of specialised crop nutrient packages designed to be applied to a wide range of crops.

All of our raw materials are derived from natural, renewable sources and the molasses we use as the base of our products is certified sustainable under the Bonsucro scheme.

No chemicals or synthetic compounds are added in our production processes, we believe natural products are the most effective at supporting and stimulating natural processes.

Research & Development

ED&F MAN Liquid Products have built up extensive knowledge of crop nutrition and the use of bio-stimulants to optimise crop performance and have worked with the key international research centres to develop cutting-edge technologies and technical means to resolve the emerging problems of modern agriculture.


ED&F MAN safeguards the environment:

  • Reusable containers
  • Use of raw materials with low environmental impact
  • Use Bonsucro sustainable molasses
  • Agricultural production optimizing the resources used.

Using an ED&F MAN crop nutritional program makes it possible to enhance crop performance while reducing excessive resource usage and reducing the enterprise carbon foot print.

Plant Wellness

The use of ED&F MAN products improved plant energy supply. The greater the energy, the stronger and more resistant the plant will be and this, in turn, increases crop quality and quantity.

A good nutritional balance yields healthier plants with better shelf life and significantly reduces the use of agricultural chemicals.

Organic Agriculture

ED&F MAN has product options that can be used in organic agriculture for a wide range of purposes (in-depth fertilisation, fertigation or foliar applications); these products enable modern agriculture to achieve high production yields with high quality and shelf life.