See our solutions to potential challenges that come up on farm

Trying to reduce protein costs

Research proven and cost-effective Regulated Release high protein liquid feeds can be used to replace a proportion of conventional protein on farm

Cereals seem expensive

Cereals and Sugars work in synchrony and replacing a proportion of starch with sugar can help maintain an optimum rumen pH and maximise microbial protein yield

Not enough forage

Recent trial results have found that stretching out forage stocks by replacing a proportion of grass silage with straw and a high protein liquid feed is an effective strategy that maintains animal health and  performance

Increase use of home-grown forage

Maximise the utilisation of home grown forage with molasses liquid feeds which have been proven to significantly improve fibre digestion

Want to increase dry matter intakes

Several research trials have shown that the  inclusion of a molasses based liquid feed into a ration will help drive intakes due to the high palatability of sugars and low substitution effect

Ration is heating up

Fresh-Guard is a research proven ration conditioner than reduces heating in a TMR

I can’t source pot ale syrup

ED&F Man have a large range of blends that can suit any needs and will work with you to find the best product for your farm

I don’t have a mixer wagon but I have been recommended to use molasses

Check out our wide range of bulk storage, mini bulk and feeder options for alternative feeding methods here

TMR is lacking in sugar

Molasses based liquid feeds are the best and most cost-effective source of sugars on farm. Cows require 6-8% sugars in the ration for maximum performance and efficiency