Organic matter


Besides being a precursor to the synthesis of all other essential amino acids, being particularly rich in Glutamic Acid, the amino acid complex increases chlorophyll synthesis, regulates stomatal opening and increases pollen fertility.

The fact that the amino acids in ED&F Man products are completely of plant origin enables unrestricted application on all edible portions of the crops.


They facilitate cell division and extension in both shoots and roots, thus stimulating development. They play a role in regulating plant growth through an auxin-like action.
They neutralize the toxic molecules present in the soil and reduce leaching of nutrients. They boost the activity of the soil’s beneficial bacterial flora.

The humic and fulvic acids in ED&F Man products are obtained through biological fermentation and not from chemical extraction.


Ecklonia maxima is an alga typical of the southern Atlantic. Its extract is particularly rich in natural plant growth regulators [Auxin: Cytokinins = 150:1].
It offers all the effects attributed to auxin activity:
rooting, fruit setting, fruit size. It also repels insects and cryptogams.

The Ecklonia Maxima extract is obtained through a mechanical process that, in just eight hours after harvest, yields the finished product, thus the natural
plant growth regulators do not undergo even the slightest alteration.


Glycine Betaine belongs to the family of osmotic regulators, produced by plants when exposed to thermal, hydric and salt stress.
This particular feature makes Glycine Betaine essential in the critical phases of crop development: Germination, Setting, Enlargement and Ripening.

The Glycine Betaine contained in ED&F Man products is extracted exclusively from sugar beets, without the use of any chemical additives.


Polyglutamic Acid is a highly hydrophilic molecule and thus has high moisturizing capacity. It can absorb signifi cant amounts of water which it then releases gradually, increasing nutrient availability.
It has good buffering capacity vs. soil pH in the 4 – 7 range. It also has a strong metal chelating effect which means less leaching of N, P and Ca. It promotes solubilisation of Ca, Fe, Mg and K phosphates through their natural “chelation”.

Polyglutamic Acid contained in ED&F Man products comes from the fermentation of legume fl ours, without the use of any chemical additives.


Mainly composed of sucrose with simple carboxylic chains, they are easily absorbed by the plants. They help to transport other elements to the plant tissues and, at the same time, provide energy to the crops.
In the soil, they boost the development of useful microorganisms, thus contributing to plant health.

The sugars contained in ED&F Man products are extracted from vegetable tissues (sugar beet and sugar cane).


Mainly composed of phytates, they provide the plant with easily assimilated, highly energetic phosphorus. They are particularly useful in the early stages of new plant development and at resumption of tree growth since they boost ATP regeneration and protein biosynthesis in growing tissues.

The phytates are extracted mainly from seeds and dried fruits where they constitute the energy supply for new plant developmenta.