Standard Blends

A rich source of 6-Carbon sugars shown to improve rumen fermentation. Highly palatable and proven to increase dry matter intake. Cane molasses is the most cost-effective source of 6-Carbon sugars available on farm. Trial work has demonstrated that molasses can improve fibre digestion and overall digestive efficiency.

Mid-Protein Range

Using modern blending technology, ED&F Man Liquid Products are able to combine molasses with other raw materials to offer a choice of products offering the ideal combination of sugar, energy, protein, viscosity and price for all situations. The mid-protein range utilises liquid co-products from the food and distillery industries as a cost-effective way of increasing the protein levels of liquid blends..

Regulated Release Range

This unique process developed by ED&F Man Liquid Products, is designed to give rumen bacteria exactly what they need to thrive – a balanced and synchronised supply of energy and protein, leading to increased microbial protein production and better animal performance. Regulated Release is a research proven protein-urea-molasses complex which supplies an excellent source of both Effective Rumen Degradable Protein (ERDP) and Fermentable Metabolisable Energy (FME). By harnessing the benefits of urea as an excellent and cost-effective protein source, high protein liquid feeds can be used to replace a proportion of conventional protein sources on farm in order to improve animal performance and efficiency as well as reduce feed costs.

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Glycerine Enhanced Range

A high energy liquid readily fermentable in the rumen, also known as glycerol and obtained as a co-product from biodiesel production. Sweet and highly palatable combined with molasses to supply multiple energy sources. Glycerine is gluconeogenic meaning it stimulates glucose production which is key for effective metabolism leading to improved animal performance. The inclusion of glycerine in our liquid blends provides an extra source of propionate in the rumen, thus saving amino acids that become available for protein synthesis.

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Special Blends

  • The Prime Product Range contains Regulated Release protein and ED&F Man’s tailored vitamin and mineral pack for cattle on straw/cereal-based systems.
  • Magnesium chloride, the most bioavailable form of magnesium, can be added to all bulk blends.
  • Dustbuster is specifically developed for on farm mill and mix systems to increase palatability, reduce dust and can help improve protein content.


Our range of lower dry matter blends made from distillery co-products and food industry syrups which can be used as replacers for pot ale syrup. Ideal for use in beef diets where TMR mixes require palletising and de-dusting. The lower viscosity will allow for good absorption within a mix or when poured over forage. A good source of energy and protein make these blends an ideal balancer to cereals and other low protein feedstuffs.