What we do

We source, store, sell, ship and distribute molasses based liquid products to the animal feed, fermentation, fertiliser and industrial sectors. Our products reach many areas of the food chain and play a key role in many sectors. We lead product innovation across all of the sectors we supply, ensuring high quality products that are cost effective.

Why we do it

Our products are a key part of the food and feed chain and play an important role in industrial processes.

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world – situations change; crops fail – but we’re known for making sure our customers can still do business and get the products they need, when they need them. It’s a stance we’ve held to be true since 1783. For us, it’s about managing risk and providing security. For example, we have been leaders in the development of sustainable molasses working with farmers to grow better-quality crops, more sustainably. By offering forward contracts and security of supply we help protect our customers from that price-change volatility and supply uncertainty.

How we do it

We do business across the world, but we’re focused enough that business feels personal. Our people take a pride in what they do and seek to deliver excellence in customer service and product quality. We lead innovation and development in all aspects of our business and ensure we build long term relationships with our suppliers, customers and all stakeholders. For more information on our global operations click the link https://www.edfmanmolasses.com