Gold Label is a blend of cane molasses and fermented co-products from the sugar industry. This gives the blend naturally high levels of carbon and amino acids, beneficial to soil health and aiding germination and early establishment. The plant-based micronutrients supplied in this biological complex help facilitate the restructuring of inorganic nitrogens into amino acid building blocks for protein synthesis.

Application Rates

Crop Total Rate (kg/ha) Soil (kg/ha) Foliar (kg/ha)
Cereals 50 10 10kg in tank mix
Grass 50 10 10kg with nitrogen
Maize 50 15 10-20kg in tank mix
Potatoes 100 10 10-20kg in tank mix
Salad Veg 100 15 10-20kg in tank mix

Typical Specification

Solids (%) 60 Total P (%) 0.034
Total Organic Carbon (%) 20 Total K (%) 6.3
Sugar (%) 37 Total S (mg/kg) 1600
Organic Acids SG (kg/L) 1.33
Amino Acids pH 5.6
Total N (%) 3.3


Gold Label is available nationwide in IBC’s from 1.3mt and bulk delivery from 10 to 29mt.
Use product within growth season.

Gold Label is a highly soluble liquid application containing an all-round nutrient content, including soluble N, P, K and S. Elevated organic and amino acids content ensure availability of required nutrients at crucial stages of plant development during both drilling and growth periods.

Great product stability and compatibility with other amendments make Gold Label a popular addition to spray regimes.

The chelating capacity of Gold Label means that nutrients are both better absorbed into the growing crop and available in the soil complex for longer.

The carbohydrate and sugar content of Gold Label ensure optimum availability to growing crops, and act as a nutrient source within the ecosystem.

The micronutrient profile within Gold Label enhances the pathways by which the plant converts nitrogen to proteins, so driving nutrient use efficiency.

The key benefits and features of Gold Label include:

  • Carbon, amino and organic acids in one product
  • Improved availability and utilisation of nutrients
  • More efficient conversion of nitrogen to proteins