Protein Liquid Feed Calculator

Dry Blend Information

1. Input dry blend specification (as fed):

2. Input molasses blend price

3. The highlighted cells show the best value liquid feed compared to the dry blend

 RegumixRegupro 38Regupro 50Regumaize 44Regumaize 65PotBlackGlycoproGlycopro 44
Dry Matter (%)67.0060.0060.0069.0067.0060.0067.0069.00
Crude Protein (%)18.1022.8030.0030.4043.6014.1018.1030.40
Sugar (%)35.5018.0025.2038.0033.5026.4028.8030.40
ME (MJ/kg)8.807.507.608.107.607.409.509.40
Cost (£/T)
Cost/MJ ME0.

Important Notice

The above costs are to be used as examples only. They are based on full loads and average haulage, to get a more accurate cost please contact your local merchant, ED&F Man Commercial Manager or use our Freephone 0800 389 8450.

Protein Liquid feeds should be used to replace a proportion of blend in the diet and not to replace all protein sources.

Research has found that 2kg of Regumaize 44 can replace up to 1.6kg of conventional protein sources such as soya and rape. The addition of Regumaize 44 to the diet also improved milk protein and fat levels.

Read more about our protein liquid feeds in our liquid checklist and dry blend replacer info sheet.