Blue Label is a blend of cane molasses, sugar co-products, and a concentrated Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract. The addition of seaweed provides a large boost of nutrients to the blend as it is particularly high in amino acids, enzymes, polysaccharides, fatty acids, organic glutamine, and bioactive peptides. Blue Label helps enhance the plants own biochemistry boosting efficiency and growth mechanisms in the developing crop. The sugars from the cane molasses promotes a more vigorous carbohydrate development in the plant aiding in a healthier, stronger cell structure which is less prone to biological and chemical stresses and disease.

Application Rates

Crop Total Rate (kg/ha) Foliar (kg/ha)
Cereals 50 10kg in tank mix
Grass 50 10kg with nitrogen
Maize 50 10-20kg in tank mix
Potatoes 100 10-20kg in tank mix
Salad Veg 100 10-20kg in tank mix

Typical Specification

Solids (%) 60 Total N (%) 2.7
Total Organic Carbon (%) 20 Total P (%) 0.3
Sugar (%) 32 Total K (%) 5.2
Organic Acids Total S (mg/kg) 1323
Amino Acids SG (kg/L) 1.28
Seaweed pH 6


Blue Label is available nationwide in IBC’s from 1.3mt and bulk delivery from 10 to 29mt.
Use product within growth season.

Blue Label is a 100% natural, plant-based nutrient package from both the sugar industry and Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed inclusion.

Nutrient rich with a high inclusion of non–nitrogenous organic matter delivering a broad spectrum of over 60 different minerals, vitamins, trace elements and plant hormones.

Alginate and polysaccharides in Blue Label reduces surface tension of solutions, acting as a natural wetting and chelating agent which increases both contact area, time and nutrient use efficiency.

As a natural biological agent adding organic matter to soils, soil microbial activity is enhanced, instigating a virtuous cycle of the soil food web improving volume and availability of nutrients through microbial binding.

Biological and chemical stress can be better managed, while also improving plant defences by the regulation of molecular, physiological, and biochemical processes.

The key benefits and features of Blue Label include:

  • A natural wetting and chelating agent, improving contact area, time, and nutrient use efficiency
  • Adding to soil microbial activity, organic matter, and nutrient levels
  • Improved retention of soil nutrients through microbial uptake
  • Better resilience to common stress factors, physical, chemical, and temperate