Black Label is a crop nutrition spray manufactured using co-products from the sugar industry. It is blended and filtered for use through sprayer or liquid fertiliser application systems with particular attention paid to processing for filter, pump and spray nozzle safety.

Black Label has high carbon and free sugar content which makes it particularly effective for pairing with foliar nitrogen applications. This helps to mitigate against both sun and frost scorch and improve the metabolism of nitrates, which increases the efficiency of fertiliser absorption.

Application Rates

Crop Total Rate (kg/ha) Soil (kg/ha) Foliar (kg/ha)
Cereals 50 10 40kg in minimum 3 applications
Grass 50 10 40kg in minimum 3 applications
Maize 50 20 10-20kg in tank mix
Potatoes 100 10 10-20kg in tank mix
Salad Veg 100 20 10-20kg in tank mix

Typical Specification

Solids (%) 60 Total P (%) 0.003
Total Organic Carbon (%) 23 Total K (%) 3.8
Sugar (%) 67 Total S (mg/kg) 500
Organic Acids SG (kg/L) 1.35
Amino Acids pH 5.5
Total N (%) 0.64


Black Label is available nationwide in IBC’s from 1.3mt and bulk delivery from 10 to 29mt.
Use product within growth season.

Black Label has some of the highest organic carbon and free sugar content of any spray accompaniment available with excellent solubility and product pairing abilities.

Black Label contains a 7% solution of organic acids, including a broad inclusion of essential amino acids. 100% plant-based and filtered to 200 microns for ease of use and application.

The concentrated carbohydrate and sugar content within Black Label means that this has a big impact with very modest inclusion and application rates.

Excellent mixing capacity makes Black Label an ideal inclusion for adding to fungicide and herbicide for assurance of efficacy.

The anti-scorch property of Black Label is proven in field trials, and the chelating activity means users have been able to reduce inorganic nitrogen use by a minimum of 10% over the crop growth season.

The key benefits and features of Black Label include:

  • Highly concentrated sugar content
  • Great tank mix capabilities
  • Proven anti-scorch properties
  • Boosts effectiveness of inorganic nitrogen applications