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ED&F Man Liquid Products offer a range of cane molasses based liquid products designed to suit a wide range of feeding systems and types of livestock.

Farm products are available in volumes from 1000 litres to 29 tonnes delivered on to farm using specialist vehicles. Using modern blending technology, ED&F Man Liquid Products are able to combine molasses with other liquid co-products to increase sugar levels, enhance energy and protein levels, and improved handling. The result is a choice of liquid feeds offering the ideal combination of sugars, energy, protein, flowability and price for any situation.


6-Carbon sugars are now recognised as a key nutrient in ruminant diets. Research has shown that a minimum of 6% sugar should be supplied in a well balanced ration.

For more information see Technical Nutritional

Molasses based liquid feeds provide a number of benefits to all classes of livestock.

    Reasons to feed a molasses liquid

  1. Maximises milk production
  2. Helps get the most of this season’s poor forage quality
  3. Helps farmers overcome reduction in milk price
  4. Year round availability and product flexibility
  5. Increases dry matter intakes
  6. Increases sugar content in your feed
  7. Improves palatability
  8. Cost effective source of protein
  9. Reduces ration sorting
  10. Allows the use of alternative forages
  11. Saves money compared to expensive concentrates
  12. Convenient storage solutions
  13. Fresh-Guard can be added to stop your TMR heating
  14. Improves your cash flow
  15. Magnesium can be added to reduce the risk of grass staggers
  16. Two months free trial of our molasses storage tanks

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