Red Label is blend of cane molasses, fermented sugar co-products and a humic and fulvic acid solution. Combined with high free sugar and organic carbon levels, Red Label acts as an ideal accompaniment to liquid fertiliser and crop protection spray applications. Red Label has an enhanced cationic exchange capacity giving it an ability to effectively form chemical bonds which support nutrient uptake and elemental trans-location into plant cells, and aids chemical pathways in soil and root systems.

Application Rates

Crop Total Rate (kg/ha) Soil (kg/ha) Foliar (kg/ha)
Cereals 15 5 10kg in 3 applications
Grass 15 5 10kg in 3 applications
Maize 30 10 20kg in 3 applications
Potatoes 40 10 5kg per tank mix
Salad Veg 40 10 5kg per tank mix

Typical Specification

Solids (%) 58 Fulvic Acid (%) 14
Total Organic Carbon (%) 25 Total N (%) 3.2
Sugar (%) 23 Total P (%) 2
Organic Acids Total K (%) 3.4
Amino Acids Total S (mg/kg) 1600
Total Humic Extract (%) 15 SG (kg/L) 1.29
pH 5



Red Label is available nationwide in IBC’s from 1.3mt and bulk delivery from 10 to 29mt.
Use product within growth season.

A combination of organic plant sourced dry matter and fulvic acid solution, Red Label is an ideal soil profile addition. Outstanding carbon, sugar and fulvic acid content and soluble N, P and K over 2%.

Humic and fulvic acid have a profound impact on soil profile and nutrient-root interactions enhancing nutrient solubility, improving soil organic matter, aeration, rooting and improving water retention and efficiency.

The chelation process enhanced by the addition of fulvic acid and sugars aid nutrient use efficiency and essential element retention.

The inclusion of Red Label in sprayer protocols promotes improvements in soil amendments and nutrient use efficiency bringing:

  • Improved yields
  • Better drainage
  • Drought tolerance through enhanced transpiration efficiency
  • Support of soil carbon and soil borne microbes