At ED&F Man Terminals UK, our commitment to compliance on Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) is demonstrated by our zero tolerance for incidents. This is substantiated by our ISO and UFAS accreditations in the UK, and verified by many content long-standing customers using our facilities in multiple locations.

Working to ISO 9001 standards and fully compliant to all applicable legal and industry standards (UFAS, HACCP etc), this system ensures that product quality is controlled in the entire chain, and product safety is regularly verified at different stages in the process. It goes without saying that customer requirements are also addressed.

Product Risk Management

ED&F Man Terminals UK has a risk management system in place to identify and evaluate health, safety, environmental, and security hazards and assess risks associated with new products, processes, and related activities. This system involves a comprehensive assessment of all new products and processes. A team comprised of HSEQ, Operations, and Engineering managers participates in the risk management system.

The process includes a review of the Material Safety Data Sheet, identification of potential health and safety exposures, possible environmental effects, and security related issues. The risk assessment team considers applicable local, state, provincial, and federal rules and regulations. ED&F Man Terminals UK risk management system makes health, safety, environmental protection, and security an integral part of our product storage management system.

We aspire to:

  • Proactively manage HSEQ program and people
  • Develop and maintain an efficient and effective HSEQ team
  • Develop and maintain efficient and effective HSEQ programs at all Westway facilities
  • Foster a corporate culture that makes HSEQ compliance and awareness an integral part of ED&F Man