Liquid feed for improved NUE

A new supplement combining the proven benefits of molasses, regulated release proteins, and methionine will help farmers improve cow performance as well as nitrogen and feed efficiencies this winter.

ReguSmart 27 is ED&F Mans latest high dry matter liquid feed with 53% sugars, 27% crude protein, and the optimal 2.5% inclusion of digestible methionine source MetaSmart.

It optimises rumen microbial protein production using regulated release proteins that synchronise the release of protein and energy, as well as balancing amino acid supply. It has been formulated to be fed at 1.4kg/ cow per day.

“Molasses is well known for improving fibre digestion and rumen function, which will be important this winter, while sugars will provide a valuable source of rumen fermentable carbohydrates without the risk of sub-acute ruminal acidosis,” says Georgina Chapman, Nutritionist at ED&F Man.

Around 85% of UK dairy diets are short of the amino acid methionine.

However, correct supplementation can have a positive effect on cow performance, as well as nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) and overall feed efficiency.

“Preliminary results from the University of Reading show that 1.4kg of ReguSmart 27 can reduce dietary crude protein by 500g/day, the equivalent to 1kg of soya, without impacting production,” she explains.

“NUE increased by 6%, which shows better use of the protein in the diet, while milk urea was reduced significantly, and feed costs fell by 10p/ cow per day.