Additive improves feed and nitrogen use

To help drive production from homegrown forages, a supplement combining the proven benefits of molasses and regulated-release proteins with added methionine, has been launched that will help improve nitrogen and feed efficiencies this winter, and help to reduce protein use and feed costs. “Molasses is well known for improving fibre digestion and rumen function, which will be important this winter, while sugars will provide a valuable source of rumen fermentable carbohydrates without the risk of SARA,” says ED&F Man’s Georgina Chapman.

The company’s research-proven, regulated-release protein, with added methionine in the form of MetaSmart from Adisseo, supplies the rumen with a synchronised release of protein and energy.

Ms Chapman explains that around 85% of UK dairy diets are short of the amino acid methionine, particularly when lower protein diets are fed, and that supplementation can have a positive effect on milk yield and quality, and cow health and fertility, while also increasing nitrogen-use and feed efficiency.

ED&F Man’s ReguSmart 27 offers the combined benefits of molasses and methionine in a single easy-to-feed supplement. It is a high-dry-matter liquid feed with 53% sugars and 27% crude protein with the optimal inclusion of digestible methionine with 2.5% of MetaSmart. It is formulated to be fed at 1.4kg/day.

The product brings together the ability to optimise rumen microbial protein production using regulated-release protein technology while balancing the amino-acid supply reaching the cow to optimise nitrogen efficiency and performance.

Preliminary results for work carried out at University of Reading show that adding 1.4kg of ReguSmart 27 can reduce dietary crude protein by 500g/ day – equivalent to 1kg of soya – without impacting production. “Nitrogenuse efficiency increased by 6%, demonstrating that cows were making better use of the protein in the diet, and milk urea was reduced significantly,” says Ms Chapman. “Feed costs were reduced by 10p per cow per day.”

Visit ED&F Man at stand H164 at UK Dairy Day, on September 13, or call 0151 944 3915 for more information.

Feed-management software drives efficiencies and boosts margins

A host of features extensively trialled in the UK and Denmark are helping to further transform the way dairy herds are being fed, as the latest version of an innovative digital feed management system is commercially launched in the UK. Providing exclusive access to additional data and analysis, including forage stock management features, Cowconnect’s Feedlync 2.0 is helping producers to improve feed efficiency and cow performance, while reducing waste and carbon footprint.

The digital cloud-based feed-management system also counts towards Aria’s Sustainability Incentive, widely seen as the benchmark for future industry-wide approaches to reducing the carbon footprint of a litre of milk.

Operated via the app (iOS and Android) and an online portal, the system allows producers to analyse feed accuracy quickly and easily, and this means they can make instant adjustments to feed composition and cow numbers. “Nutritionists can also manage rations even when they’re away from the unit,” explains AB Agri’s Mollie Cresswell. “They can add or remove ration ingredients and manage groups on the go. It’s a faster and more accurate way to optimise milk production and make feed-cost savings.” With its loading-accuracy heatmap and stock-management features, operator accuracy and stock levels of all ingredients can be monitored, with the access to realtime updates on forage stocks particularly popular with producers.

“Users are informed of how many days of forage are left in a clamp, or how many days until a delivery is required for concentrates. No other feed management system delivers these features,” adds Ms Cresswell.

Other exclusive features and improvements, some coming directly from user feedback, include a loading alarm, resetting mix on unloading, ingredient management within the app, and improved smart dry-matter correction. The company adds that operators can quickly and simply see margins and cost of production, which results in accurate and informed decision making. There is also 24/7 support available through the Feedlync helpdesk.